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When every strategy, every decision, every foothold is crucial,
perspective is your most important tool

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We curate and convene intimate circles of experienced chief executives who are committed to giving each other that crucial perspective.
The perspective you receive is only as good as the caliber of those in your circle. That's why we curate professional presidents & CEOs – seasoned leaders from different industries whose depth of experience has earned them the recognition and respect of their board and the right to lead their executive team and the entire organization.


As CEOs, we hold one of the toughest and most challenging jobs in the world
We thrive on challenges. We’re driven to perform. We’re emotionally invested in our companies and employees

We take full responsibility for the results of agonizingly difficult decisions
After weighing all the facts and recommendations, our best decisions sometimes create new, unexpected challenges

We are always seeking better perspective, better execution, and better ideas

Achieve Peak Performance

The Chief Executive Leadership Edge


Better Perspective

Make Better Decisions in Less Time

CEO MasterMind Board

No individual can identify their blind spots without the collective wisdom of peers.

Receive confidential, unbiased, decision-support and strategic advice from a curated group of experienced chief executives who help you tackle your most important challenges using our professionally facilitated wisdom sharing process.

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Better Execution

Master the Traits of Highly Effective CEOs

CEO Mastery Coaching

No athlete or executive reaches their peak performance without the right coach.

Identify your blocks, grow your leadership effectiveness, maximize the value of your CEO Mastermind Board; gain the tools and the clarity you need to significantly increase your performance and the performance of your organization.

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Better Ideas

Learn What Other CEOs are Thinking & Doing

CEO Wisdom Exchange

No company stays competitive without a continual source of new ideas and solutions.

Engage in intimate briefings by nationally acclaimed leadership experts and deep-dive discussions with peer chief executives to gain new insights, perspectives, and practices that lead to breakthrough ideas and competitive advantage.

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Big Challenges, Deep Wisdom, Exceptional Performance

Case Studies from the Leadership Edge


Multi-state Retailer with
Thousands of Employees

The CEO was planning a bold move to transform the business, however the executive team and board members had expressed serious concerns

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International Consumer & B2B Product Manufacturer

The CEO wanted to replace a long-time independent distributer in Asia with a newly-formed, company-owned distributer without damaging relationships

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Leading B2B Electronic
Systems Manufacture

The CEO needed to decide if going down-scale on a high-end consumer product or staying high-end would be the best strategy to meet revenue goals

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Rapidly Growing Software
and Services Company

The CEO needed to determine how best to set “nesting” metrics so new executive team members were better able to focus on “big rocks” versus “sand.”

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Peer Perspectives


“Nobody outside the CEO role gets the complexities of what we deal with; everyone in the Chief Executives Guild gets it. And thanks to the members of my CEO MasterMind Board and CEO Mastery Coach, I’m able to tackle the biggest challenges sooner and more effectively.”

“I was resistant at first; I didn’t think I had the time and felt I was doing a great job on my own. I was wrong—participation in the Chief Executives Guild has proven to be an exceptionally valuable use of my time. My CEO MasterMind Board is a brain trust of CEOs who are totally dedicated to each other’s success.”

“The impact this group of CEOs and my coach have had on me personally and professional is remarkable—my productivity has increased, my stress is going down and my overall life satisfaction is on the rise, and my board is happy as EBITDA is now exceeding expectations.”

“I have been participating in the CEO Wisdom Exchange and a CEO Mastermind Board for over a year and find both to be extremely valuable. Candid dialogue with other CEOs has provided me great insights to tackle the tough issues I face as the CEO of a rapidly growing national company.”

“This is one of the greatest finds I've experienced since moving to Portland. The CEO Guild is a stunningly effective forum for CEOs to interact with their peers and gain valuable insights, receive consultative advice, and consider best practices. I think it is the single most valuable organization that I have ever joined.”

“My CEO MasterMind Board is a brain trust of CEO advisors who are totally dedicated to each other’s success. Together we’ve untangled some pretty knotty problems, and it makes such a difference to have a group of people you trust, like and respect looking out for you.”

“I feel that I have received exceptional value for the time and money invested. Participation in the Guild keeps me focused on the big picture and I know I always have somewhere to go for experienced advice when tackling tough issues that CEOs face.”

“The monthly CEO Wisdom Exchange meetings are consistently excellent; the speakers keep me up to date with the latest CEO-level leadership thinking and the peer discussions generate practical ways to use what we just learned.”

Continually Out Perform Your Industry

Avoid Costly Misconceptions

Potential Blindspots

You Have a Coach or Mentor

A good executive coach can help you maximize your performance and you should continue that relationship. Joining a CEO MasterMind Board is very different. A group of peer presidents and CEOs understand the challenges you deal with better than anyone else, because because they are living it.  They can help you identify your blind spots, provide advice based on their experience as CEOs. Their only purpose on the CEO MasterMind Board is to support each other in achieving the results and legacy each member desires.

You’re a Member of a CEO Peer Group or Meet Regularly with Other CEOs

Trusted peer relationships can be invaluable, but very few utilize a formal, facilitated wisdom sharing process that helps you find the right answers and determine what will and won’t work when you’re facing your toughest decisions. Our curated and facilitated CEO MasterMind Boards dig deeper and delivers the clarity and ideas you need to make better decisions, execute sooner and get better results.

You Have Experienced Board Members, Smart Executive Team Members and Knowledgeable Outside Counsel

Strategizing with board members, executive team members, and advisors is invaluable, yet their advice is almost always biased by how your decision or strategy will impact them professionally and personally. Our CEO MasterMind Board provides confidential objective, unbiased, strategic decision support and advice from a group of experienced chief executives with no stake in the outcome and whose only objective is your success.

You Do Not Have the Required Time

You are not alone – many chief executives feel the same as you—too much to do, too much travel, too many high-priority demands, not enough time to get everything done. However, CEOs fully participating in the Chief Executive Leadership Edge report that they are now accomplishing far more in far less time and seeing higher levels of bottom-line growth and profitability.

Expand Your Time — Exceed Your Goals

Is the Chief Executive Leadership Edge right for You?

  • Are you the chief executive of your organization?

  • Do you lead an executive team and are you responsible for a sizable workforce?

  • Do you work with a board of directors, investors, partners, owners, etc?

  • Are ethics, social impact, purpose, and legacy very important to you?

  • Do you lead at a higher-level—believe in achieving worthwhile results while acting with respect, care, and fairness for the well being of all involved?

  • Are you a life-long learner, someone who believes in continually honing your leadership skills?

  • Are you willing to reprioritize and invest your time in a way that will expand your time, increase your performance and your organization's performance?

If you answered "YES" to all of these questions
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