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The CEO MasterMind Board

CEO MasterMind Board membership is a key part Chief Executives Guild membership

Why do top performing chief executives join and participate in CEO MasterMind Boards?

Chief executives who tackle their toughest challenges utilizing the collective wisdom of a professionally facilitated peer MasterMind group that includes private mastermind coaching, lead faster growing, more profitable, healthier companies.

Bill George, CEO of Medtronic from 1991 to 2001, grew Medtronic Corporation from $1.1-billion to $60-billion in just ten years. Bill credits his mastermind group with helping him see his blind spots, make the best possible decisions, and stay on the right course during that time.

Currently over 50,000 chief executives who lead Fortune 500 corporations, midmarket companies, large nonprofits, educational institutes, and high-growth small businesses report receiving a high return on the time and money they have invested in participating in a peer MasterMind group.

Some MasterMind groups are run informally by the members, some by retired executives, others by business consultants. The most effective CEO MasterMind groups are chaired by C-level executive coaches and facilitators.

The cost of membership in these groups ranges from a few thousand dollars to well over $40,000 per year, depending on the size of members’ companies (Fortune 500/midmarket/small business), whether or not coaching and facilitation, are included, and the pricing structure required by the organization that builds and oversees the MasterMind groups.


The Best in Class CEO MasterMind Boards

The Guild’s CEO MasterMind Boards have been designed specifically to address the unique needs of chief executives who lead medium, large and smaller, fast growing private, public, and non-profit corporations.

  • Members are the presidents and CEOs of Portland area employers who wish to hone their leadership skills (they are not business owners nor are they networking for sales ).

  • Each member’s professional and personal profile is used to determine which CEO MasterMind Board will provide the highest value and best alignment for each members.

  • Guild CEO MasterMind Boards are chaired by highly respected, experienced, professionally trained facilitators who are also experienced CEO-level executive coaches.

  • The Guild’s optional CEO coaching is designed to help  members gain even more value from the collective wisdom of the group to achieve and exceed the results they desire.

  • The Guild offers both monthly and quarterly CEO MasterMind Board meeting schedules to best accommodate the needs of busy chief executives.

  • Guild CEO MasterMind Boards are limited to eight members. This provides the highest value for the time invested.

  • Joining a Guild CEO MasterMind Board is a solid decision; they deliver a high ROI and come with a full satisfaction guarantee.

CEO MasterMind Board Membership ROI
  • Measurably better results – increased growth and profitability.

  • Revitalized thinking, reduced blind spots and candid, unbiased advice.

  • Additional clarity for making better decisions.

  • Continuous development of untapped leadership potential resulting in ongoing leadership mastery.

  • Increased energy and productivity as a result of better balance plus a greater sense of fulfillment.

  • Focus and support on building a lasting legacy.

  • Peer camaraderie – isolation relief – a shared understanding of the realities of the job – and the additional motivation needed to “get out of the weeds” and hold oneself accountable to do the things that matter most.

CEO MasterMind Board Membership Details
  • A maximum of eight carefully selected peers in each CEO MasterMind Board whose only agenda is helping each other increase their leadership performance.

  • Professionally facilitated meetings that utilize the Guild’s proprietary wisdom-sharing process to address each member’s critical leadership decisions.

  • Access to private CEO leadership mastery coaching each month which exponentially increases the value derived from each CEO MasterMind Board meeting.

  • Access to CEO Leadership assessments that clarify strengths, blocks, plus growth and alignment opportunities.

  • Membership includes the CEO Wisdom Exchange. Quarterly CEO-only breakfast meetings include briefings by nationally renowned thought leaders followed by deep-dive Q&As.

Answers to Your Questions

CEO MasterMind Board – Q & A

Q. Who do you turn to for candid and insightful advice with no hidden agenda?

A. CEO MasterMind Boards harness the collective wisdom, power and support of six to eight seasoned chief executive peers and a professional facilitator.

Q. How will being a member of a CEO MasterMind Board provide me with clarity, answers and ongoing peer support?

A. The board's chair, a professional C-level Executive Coach and Facilitator, utilizes a powerful wisdom-sharing process with you and your peers that helps you find answers and determine what will and won’t work when facing your toughest challenges.

Your CEO MasterMind Board helps you dig deeper to gain the clarity and find the answers you need to make better decisions and take your business to the next level. You gain a circle of trusted advisors whose only agenda is supporting you and each other’s professional and personal success.

Q. What is the benefit of the Private CEO Leadership Mastery Coaching?

A. CEO MasterMind Board members may opt to receive private Leadership Mastery Coaching from the board's chair, a seasoned CEO coach, who helps you dig even deeper, identify blocks and blind spots, and prepares you to more fully leverage the power of each CEO MasterMind Board meeting, while privately helping you achieve the professional growth you desire.

Q. What is the typical return on my time and financial investment?

A. CEO MasterMind Board members act as catalysts for each other’s growth. CEO MasterMind Board members report:
– a significant increase in leadership performance and results;
– reduced stress and higher energy levels;
– better ideas, better decisions, and better relationships; and
– a growing sense of flow, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

Q. What are the meeting times & locations?

A. CEO MasterMind Boards meet quarterly at the MAC; On the other months meetings are held at member businesses on the date and time that is most convenient for the board's members.

Q. What are the membership requirements?

A. CEO MasterMind Board membership is not for everyone – membership requires commitment, confidentiality, and willingness to support each member with total honesty, respect and compassion. Members may not have any competitive or significant business relationship with any other member of their board. Each potential member must be approved by the chair and all current members of the board.

Q. How are the Guild’s CEO MasterMind Boards different for other CEO peer advisory groups?
  • Our CEO MasterMind Boards have been designed specifically to address the unique needs of chief executives who lead medium and large public, private and non-profit employers in the greater Portland area.

  • The best practices and most effective elements of many other CEO mastermind organizations have been fine-tuned and incorporate into the Guild’s CEO MasterMind Board program.

  • Each chief executive’s professional and personal profile is used to determine which CEO MasterMind Board will provide the highest value and best alignment with other members of the board.

  • Each Chief Executives Guild CEO MasterMind Board is chaired by highly respected, experienced and professionally trained CEO Coach and Facilitator, who helps you utilize the collective wisdom of the group and achieve the professional and personal growth you desire.

  • The Guild offers a monthly and quarterly CEO MasterMind Board meeting scheduled to best accommodate the needs of busy chief executives like you.

With no long-term commitment, most chief executives continue to actively participate in their CEO MasterMind Board year-after-year because of the significant impact it continues to have on their professional growth and organization performance .

CEO MasterMind Board membership is part of our CEO Leadership Edge program and our Key Executive Program. Learn more:

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